I have an old rig and a new rig, the "old" one is using a previous generation AX850 (the ones with the gold writing on the side, not the red), and a new RM 850.

I want to add a second graphics card to the rig with the AX850 in it, but the PSU cables that split up in two 6+2 pins for PCI-e have 12 pin connectors on the PSU end, whereas the same cable on the RM850 has an 8 pin connector on the PSU end, and splits off to 2x 6+2 pin.

They're both Corsair power supplies, and as far as I know they both use a 12 volt rail, but would it be safe to connect the cable from the RM850 to the AX850?


Yes, there's no reason they wouldn't work, and knowing they're from the same vendor helps.


There is no standardisation for the connectors on the PSU end of modular cables. Even within one PSU brand the connector pin-outs sometimes vary.

Do not use a modular cable from one PSU on another PSU without first using a multimeter to test that the pin out is correct.

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