My motherboard and graphics card died recently and I was thinking of buying the ASRock Z75 Pro3 and R9 280X. I think that my i7-2600 (because it is Sandy Bridge)is not compatible with PCIe-3 which the motherboard has the R9 280x have.

I know that the R9 280x works in PCIe-2 ports (which the motherboard has) but I don't know if it will work if I plug it into the PCIe-3 port on the motherboard.

Hope you understand what I am asking?

Will a PCIe-3 GPU (R9 280X) work in a PCIe-3 port with a CPU (i7-2600) that does not support PCIe-3.


It will work at PCI 2.0 Speeds, but that should be enough to run the video card at its full potential on a x16 slot I believe. The ports are electrically identical, and it will work.


No, PCIe 3 only works with at least an Ivy Bridge CPU (3xxx). Your Sandy Bridge only support 2.0.

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