I have the CNAME record images.bob.com, which points to the images.susan.co.uk (images.bob.com. 1800 IN CNAME images.susan.co.uk.). I would like to ask for issuing SSL certificate for the alias.bob.com. Is that possible?

I have files hosted on images.susan.co.uk, which I access through the alias images.bob.com. The domain records/ownership images.susan.co.uk itself is not mine and it is not under my control.

Will be the SSL certificate issued to me? Could I deploy the images.bob.com SSL certificate on the web server, which runs on the images.susan.co.uk? Will that work?

Thanks a lot Regards, STeN


Simply: Yes.
For DV (domain validated) certificates the issuer will only check if the domain belongs to you. In your case bob.com. This is normally done by either asking you to put a specific html file on your webserver which the issuer tries to read or by sending you an email to a specific address like postmaster@bob.com. The last option is more common.
The issuer does not check wether it is a CNAME record or an A record type of your domain.
The more important question is if you are able to place your certificate on the webserver of susan.co.uk and if it supports SNI to present your certificate.
Some issuers also allow you to register for a (timely limited) free certificate. Maybe you try with one of these first before paying for a certificate which you can't use because of technical issues on the server side.

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