I have an HP laptop with two user profiles. My main user profile has started showing me a black screen with a mouse cursor at login which lasts for 2-3 minutes. The other user profile does not have this problem and shows the desktop. How can I compare the login procedure sequences between these two user profiles?


Sounds like a corrupt user profile. You can try running chkdsk or make a new user profile and transfer all your data over.


I faced the similar problem last month. I found out that was because of avast antivirus. I logged in the safe mode and uninstalled the antivirus and the problem ws resolved.

  • I even got the black screen in safe-mode. I've used msconfig to clean up a whole bunch of services at start up which seems to have alleviated the problem but I can't say that I identified the exact cause. – crowne Dec 10 '13 at 16:32

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