I am trying to figure out how to rip all the TLD's from a huge list of domain names. Rather than copy paste each one i'd just like to remove ALL the text before the '.'


  • exmample1.com
  • exmample1.org
  • exmample1.fr
  • exmample1.eu
  • exmample1.es
  • exmample1.net


  • com
  • org
  • fr
  • eu
  • es
  • net

I have tried all the other methods in all the other questions. None of them work for me.

Any help would be great, thanks!

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In "Search and Replace" dialogue box (Press Ctrl+H)

Under "Search Mode", Choose "Regular Expression"

Under "Find What: ", paste


Click "Replace All"

Explanation of PCRE

^ Beginning of the string

. Any character

+ One or more the previous character (greedy)

[.] One character of dot


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