I am trying to figure out how to rip all the TLD's from a huge list of domain names. Rather than copy paste each one i'd just like to remove ALL the text before the '.'


  • exmample1.com
  • exmample1.org
  • exmample1.fr
  • exmample1.eu
  • exmample1.es
  • exmample1.net


  • com
  • org
  • fr
  • eu
  • es
  • net

I have tried all the other methods in all the other questions. None of them work for me.

Any help would be great, thanks!


In "Search and Replace" dialogue box (Press Ctrl+H)

Under "Search Mode", Choose "Regular Expression"

Under "Find What: ", paste


Click "Replace All"

Explanation of PCRE

^ Beginning of the string

. Any character

+ One or more the previous character (greedy)

[.] One character of dot


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