This is an update following some further research. This question relates to the solution posted on the following question:

When installing Windows 7, CDBOOT error 5 appears: Cannot boot from CD; why?

I have been following the very helpful instructions, but am using a more recent version of ImgBurn which is acting in a slightly different way. The differences that I have found are as follows...

Step 6. In my version of ImgBurn it has an additional field 'Data Type' with 2 options MODE1/2048 and MODE2/FORM1/2352. It seems that the correct option is MODE1 as it has better error checking and is better suited to data disks.

In step 12 when I hit the large button it comes up with the following message:

Your image contains an ‘install.wim’ file in the ‘sources’ directory so I’m going to assume it’s an Operating System installation disk.

Operating system installation discs typically use the ‘UDF’ file system. Not ‘ISO9660 + UDF’ as you have selected.

Would you like me to adjust the setting for you?

It appears that UDF is the correct option for data disks. Especially in this context as the Win7 DVD uses long names and has directory structures deeper than 8.

Now, this is the one I was most troubled by. At Step 16 when I select the ISO file it comes up with the following message:

You should have selected the MDS file and not this one. I’ll do it for you automatically this time, but don’t do it again!

The MDS file is used for dual layer disks (it may have other purposes but this seems to be the pertinent fact here). The Win7 DVD is a dual layer disk and you will need a dual layer DVD to get it all on. You should select the MDS option.

These points seem to conflict with the information given in the original solution - albeit using an older version of ImgBurn. It is likely that the solution given for that version of ImgBurn works fine, but I have found that the current version of ImgBurn that I am using requires more info.

It may be worth updating the original solution.

Hope that helps.

  • There's no actual question here. Do you have a problem with the burned DVD? – R-D Dec 10 '13 at 11:41
  • Sorry, I should have been clearer. In Step 6 should the additional field 'Data Type' be MODE1/2048 or MODE2/FORM1/2352 - I don't understand the difference, but I selected the first option which was the default. In Step 12 should I use UDF or 'ISO9660 + UDF’ - again I don't understand the implications of each. It seems to expect UDF. In Step 16, should I use the ISO file or the MDS file? The MDS file is very small and I don't understand what it is for. This version of ImgBurn seems to offer more options than on the original solution and I don't know the implications of each selection. – Appin Dec 10 '13 at 13:20
  • I should also have said that this is in the context of trying to install Win7 on my old ASRock motherboard. It generates the notorious 'Error 5' and the solution was posted on this forum (see above). It uses ImgBurn to create a DVD with a different boot sector. All I need to do is to create a bootable DVD for Win7. However the options on my more recent version of ImgBurn are not quite the same as those posted - hence the questions. Thanks – Appin Dec 10 '13 at 13:50

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