Today I encountered a problem with jwhois.

The problem is that it doesn't respond at all. It just queries the given or predefined host and gives no other output after this. Here are a few examples:

18:39:22 schwarz@f455-5:~ $>whois google.com
[Querying whois.denic.de]
18:39:58 schwarz@f455-5:~ $>whois -h whois.denic.de -- "-T dn google.com"
[Querying whois.denic.de]
18:51:21 schwarz@f455-5:~ $>whois -h whois.webhosting.info google.com
[Querying whois.webhosting.info]
[Unable to connect to remote host]
18:54:58 schwarz@f455-5:~ $>whois -h whois.internic.net google.com
[Querying whois.internic.net]

As you can see, I also tried a few other hosts I found online, but it didn't work at all. Might be useful to know: I'm sitting in the facility of a university, though I have no influence on the firewall or everything like that.


It may be blocked in your universities firewall, whois uses port 43 TCP by default.

Unless you can find a whois server that uses port 80 (depending on the firewall it may even block that) it might be best to use a web based whois service such as http://who.is/.

Perhaps test with another computer somewhere, if you can use telnet run:

deb:~# telnet whois.denic.de 43
Connected to whois.denic.de.
Escape character is '^]'.
% Error: 55000000007 Request not clearly specified
  • Okay, i tried around a bit and it seems, that Port 43 is blocked by the network security. I got it to work via a different host, -p 80 and then using grep to get the required information. But it's much easier via browser. – user3060129 Dec 11 '13 at 9:08

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