I have netbeans installed on ubuntu. In netbeans I can go file, open file, and then navigate to the type of file I want to open (in my case a .php file).

However if I go to a php file in a folder I cant get it to open with netbeans. If I right click and select open with other application, show other applications, then I dont have net beans in the list.

If I right click the file and go to properties, open with, then I have the same issue.

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That might depend on your file browser/file manager (e.g. the programs are called nautilus in gnome, thor in xfce..., find out using the "help" menu entry).

Most likely however you can right-mouse-click-"Open with ..." and type in the path of the program you want to open the file with. To find the path of your netbeans installation type which netbeans or whereis netbeans in a terminal. I would guess you will find it in /usr/bin/netbeans , but it seems to be in something like /usr/local/netbeans-7.0.1/bin/netbeans . Also, please provide which flavor (e.g. Xubuntu 12.04) of ubuntu you run.


According to this answer on Ask Ubuntu installing and using thunar might help

sudo apt-get install thunar

Running thunar in terminal and using it for default application would be effective.


Use this Command to Add Netbeans in Open With Menu and Default Editor:

gksudo gedit /usr/share/applications/netbeans.desktop

Now Paste following Code on the Editor and Save It :

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Netbeans IDE
Exec=/home/compaq/netbeans-8/bin/netbeans [Here you have to paste your Netbeans Path]
Icon=/home/compaq/netbeans-8/nb/netbeans.png [paste your Netbeans logo path]

It depends on your file manager but this should work:

  • 'Right-click' on the file
  • then 'Properties'
  • then 'Open With'
  • then select 'Netbeans' in the list of applications
  • 'Set as default'

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