In git-config's docs it says (emphasis mine):

interactive.singlekey In interactive commands, allow the user to provide one-letter input with a single key (i.e., without hitting enter). Currently this is used by the --patch mode of git-add(1), git-checkout(1), git-commit(1), git-reset(1), and git-stash(1). Note that this setting is silently ignored if portable keystroke input is not available.

This setting doesn't work in urxvt, so I'll assume that "portable keystroke input" isn't available in urxvt. Is there a way to enable it? If so, is there any reason I wouldn't want to? (probably the reason it's not on by default; if it is implemented).


Note: this question was originally from the arch bbs, but I didn't get any answers; so it's here now :)


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try apt-cache search term.*readkey

the solution for me was to install libterm-readkey-perl:

sudo aptitude install libterm-readkey-perl

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  • Worked for me; thanks! – user Sep 30 '14 at 4:46

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