I have a few ext4 disks (3GB each) with data on them (almost full). And I would like to mount them on a Xenserver, and have them mounted directly to an Ubuntu guest vm. Is this possible? (and easy. I am a newbie with Xenserver). I am trying to convert a fileserver to a xenserver but still serve files (ie: one of the vm will be a fileserver). Thanks in advance!


I too have looked into this. I believe it is possible although I'm more curious about the stability of it.

Some reading/instructions:http://techblog.conglomer.net/sata-direct-local-disk-access-on-xenserver/


Might want to look at second link first as it explains how to add the hard drive to the host first, then the first link explains how to attach to a VM.

I haven't tried this yet. Am in the process of switching my file server around to create a viable XenServer so I can practice with spare hdds. Since you are a newbie with Xenserver like myself, I suggest you do the same :)

Hope this helps you, if not points you in the right direction. Let me know how you get on anyway.

Regards Jono

  • Thanks Jono! I have read link #2 before and actually have done adding drive successfully. But link #1 is good, adding as removable drive, interesting, never will thought of that. Agree with you also regarding stability. I guess time will tell ;-) Thanks again!!! – spock Jan 13 '14 at 22:45

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