Motherboards today says they are window 8 ready Im curious if i installed window 8.1 on a motherboard that doesn't mention windows 8 is just fine..

Sorry, im away from home and cannot pull the mobo model


You'll likely find that the "Windows 8 Ready" label is a marketing tool designed to push sales. The motherboard in my desktop PC at home was "Windows Vista Certified", yet it is running Windows 7 and has run Windows 8 with no issue. However, it is probably a good idea to check your motherboard manufacturers website for Windows 8 compatible drivers for things like Networking and On-board VGA or Audio. As long as the motherboard isn't too ancient, many manufacturers will continue to release updated drivers/firmware for previous generation models.

As long as you meet the minimum system requirements (and they aren't very demanding), you're not likely to run into any issues. But if you need that extra assurance, you can always run the Windows Upgrade Assistant to get your PC checked out first.


Here are some features that ASUS have included in one of their recent motherboards which was the first Windows 8 certified motherboard available.

  • The only major Windows 8 specific a motherboard might have is Secure Boot. Windows 8 of course will install on a MBR partition which means its either running in legacy mode or actually has a BIOS. – Ramhound Dec 18 '13 at 12:15

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