I just have bought a new Lenovo Ideapad S400u notebook, and it is not default F1-F12, it is default mute button, refresh, more brightness, less brightness...

I've downloaded "Lenovo Keyboard Slim Fn Switcher" or something like that, but it didn't work.

Then, how can I change Fn function to get my F1-F12 buttons? I'm running Windows 8.1.

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I think the Lenovo IdeaPad S300/S400/S400u/S405 User Guide V2.0 (pdf) has what you want on page 12 in Chapter 2. Learning the basics where it says:

  • Setting hotkey mode

    By default, the hotkey functions are accessible by pressing the appropriate hotkey. However, you can disable the hotkey mode in the BIOS setup utility.
    To disable the hotkey mode:

    1. Shut down the computer.
    2. Press the Novo button and then select BIOS Setup.
    3. In the BIOS setup utility, open the Configuration menu, and change the setting of HotKey Mode from Enabled to Disabled.
    4. Open the Exit menu, and select Exit Saving Changes.

Note: When hotkey mode is disabled, press the Fn key and the appropriate hotkey to access the corresponding hotkey function.

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    Why would Lenovo make this "swap feature" enabled by default? WHY? If you want to mess with my keys - make it optional! I accidently pressed F7 (Flight Mode, which disables wi-fi, the flag is not reset after reboot). It took me loooong time to dig to the reasons why my wi-fi card doesn't work...
    – Mikhail M.
    Oct 21, 2015 at 1:38

Shortest answer is the best ..Lenovo website community

Solution! Betreff: T440 - Reverse FN Key Options ‎02-02-2014 03:05 AM

just press "FN + ESC" once. There you'll have your single press F1... keys working.. 2 person found this solution to be helpful.

Now the light is on and then you can for example press the brightness,audio etc without pressing fn every time


There is a new BIOS update from Lenovo company. The problem was solved:

Some models of G/Z/P Series cannot achieve traditional function by pressing F1 to F12 directly.

Affected configurations
The above symptom may occur to the following systems:

  • Lenovo G400\G500 with BIOS versions lower than V2.01
  • Lenovo G405s\G505s with BIOS versions lower than V2.03
  • Lenovo G400s\G500s with BIOS versions lower than V2.02
  • Lenovo Z400\Z500\P500 with BIOS Versions lower than V1.21
  • Lenovo G405\G505 with BIOS Versions lower than V2.04
  • Lenovo G410\G510 with BIOS Version lower than V2.01

See the above link for downloads. It says win8 but it's working in all windows versions.


You may be able to change this behavior in BIOS/UEFI. I couldn't google what key is used to enter BIOS setup in this specific laptop model, but you can try F2 or Esc on the manufacturer logo screen (immediately after you power it on, before OS starts to load).

  • I've tried to enter in BIOS, but I'm running the OS in a SSD, then it goes too fast, and i can't see it on startup :( Dec 14, 2013 at 13:05
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    This forum thread suggests that there's some button you can press to boot into BIOS/UEFI. Windows 8[.1] is designed to skip BIOS screen if the hardware supports it.
    – gronostaj
    Dec 14, 2013 at 13:07

Thanks to hint from https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-reverse-the-function-key-on-Windows-10-laptop-Lenovo/answer/Vivek-Gurung-3
On Lenovo Edge 2-1580 laptop I've opened Lenovo Vantage (new version was installed)
and in Device menu opened "Input & Accessories",
then in "Intelligent Keyboard" panel
changed "Keyboard top-row function" to be "F1-F12 function"


Just a workaround, this is not answering the question as a whole. At least, it gives you direct access to F1-F12 again:

Attach a second keyboard in order to use the F-keys. As a standard, the fn key will not be locked. Use the main keyboard for fn-keys, and the second one for the F-keys. (That is what I am doing even without your problem.)

p.s.: In any case, always check again the options offered by Lenovo at https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/ht103044-how-to-use-the-function-keys-without-pressing-fn-in-windows-8110 to have the most recent guide.

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