I've been a great iPhone lover from day one and don't possibly see me ever switching back to another mobile platform.

There's just one big con from my viewpoint, which is iTunes. I hate the interface, responsiveness and the massive amount of restrictions.

I want complete control over my hardware and applications, and iTunes is making this terribly hard for me.

Currently, I've got a couple of voice memo's recorded with the native iPhone OS 3.0 voice memo application. I want to transfer these memo's to my PC, but don't see any other way to do it apart from using the iTunes sync option. When I choose this option, however, my entire music library is removed, since the phone library can only sync with one iTunes instance.

So the question is: is there a way to manually transfer these voice memo's (and possibly other items) from my iPhone to my PC without forcing a two-way sync or deleting stuff from my phone?


There is a few hacks online allowing you to sync your iPhone with multiple iTunes instances, however I must admit that I adapted to the single sync solution. I sync everything with iTunes on my Mac, which means I always have the information with me, either on my phone or my Mac.

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I hate to say it, as a user of several Apple products, but if you want complete control over your hardware and applications, you probably shouldn't be using an Apple product. That's the way they work, often.

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  • I have to agree on this one. – BinaryMisfit Jul 15 '09 at 10:22

You could use the action button (the box with an arrow pointing out) and email it to yourself, or you could use itunes.

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