I'm running Libreoffice 4 in Kubuntu 12.04, hence inside a KDE environment.

The graphic isn't at its best, as you can see the menu borders aren't drawn at all, making the interface plain and not very usable and understandable. enter image description here

How can I integrate it better with the overall graphic environment?


In order to better integrate Libreoffice's interface with KDE, you must remove the libreoffice-kde package; it is supposed to provide the required integration, but apparently it doesn't do its job very well.

Then you should install the libreoffice-gtk package, you should get the following result:

enter image description here

I've tried this with Kubuntu, I'm not sure if it works also with other KDE distros but I suppose that is should.

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Make sure to add the libreoffice-style-oxygen package, and selected from System Settings -> Application Appearance -> GTK.

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  • That package just include an icon set, not an UI integration; and after being installed it's selected from within Libreoffice, not from KDE System Settings. – Sekhemty Dec 28 '13 at 17:42

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