I'm charting daily values using a line chart. On some dates, I don't have any data. I would like the chart to connect the data points for which I have data across any gap in data.

So for example if my data is:

12/1/2013  1
12/2/2013  2
12/3/2013  2
12/5/2013  1

I would like to see the 12/3 data point ("2") connect to the 12/5 data point ("1"). How do I do that?


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  1. Go to the Select Data dialoge box for the chart
  2. click Hidden and Empty Cells
  3. Change Show empty cells as to Connect data points with line
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    Assuming the value for 12/4/2013 is an empty cell. If it's a formula that returns "", then Excel interprets the "" as text, and plots it as zero. If this is the case, have the formula return NA() instead of "". This puts the #N/A error into the cell, and the chart skips any marker for that point but connects the two points across the #N/A by a straight line. Apr 8, 2016 at 14:43

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