Almost every common graphical environment, I know, has a program/dialog where you can change the volume of your devices AND of every stream which is playing sound. But I'm not able to find such a dialog on Debian (jessie) XFCE. The only thing I find is a dialog where I can change the volume of the devices.

I need to change these settings to configure which microphone Pulse Audio should use by default. I need to change that because the microphone isn't working and I think this is because Pulse Audio tries to get sound input from the wrong sound card.

I already googled a lot about this problem but only found people which had other problems. But nothing i found did help me.

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You may have to install pavucontrol. XFCE is minimalist, so is expected that some settings are not found. To install it just type:

sudo apt-get install pavucontrol

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