We have lot of links to our svn in Confluence pages that are of format http://svn.ourdomain.com/java/project/trunk/folder/SomeFile.java. When we make an export of confluence pages, we'd want all those links to change to http://svn.ourdomain.com/java/project/tags/1.5/folder/SomeFile.java, and after that we'd like to be able to revert the links back to pointing to trunk. It's a pain to change hundreds or thousands of links to point to specific version.

Is there a way to do this? Somehow configurable url template, or something else?


If the original links used shortcut links, you could change the shortcut to reference the specific tag for the export then back to trunk again after the export.


For example:

  1. Configure a shortcut:

    Key: svn

    Expanded Value: http://svn.ourdomain.com/java/project/trunk/

  2. Replace links in pages with the following and adopt this standard going forward:

  3. Reconfigure the shortcut:

    Key: svn

    Expanded Value: http://svn.ourdomain.com/java/project/tags/1.5/

  4. Export the space.

  5. Restore the shortcut to the original expanded value - step 1 above.

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