I am facing a problem in accessing the internet on my desktop. My ISP has provided the cable with an external modem. I plug in the one end of cable coming from modem in to the adaptor(LAN card), checked the Network Connections, and found the LOCAL AREA CONNECTION connected.

I checked the status of the LAN connection, and it was showing the details about how many packets the computer is sending or receiving.

I took this to mean that the internet is connected in my PC, but I am unable to view the login window into which I need to put the username and password provided by ISP. I opened Internet Explorer and navigated to google.com and it is not accessable.

How can I access the login window to put my login credential? Is there any S/W that I need to install or any other hardware problem?

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Once you figured out how to get connected, consider placing a router between your external modem and pc. This will give you an extra layer of security by providing an external firewall and network address translation.


If there isn't a router managing your PPPOE connection (which sounds like the case), you'll need to make a new connection on your machine. Leave Local Area Connection enabled, and navigate to this window (Control Panel -> Network Connections if it's not in Start Menu):

alt text

Click Create a new connection then follow these steps:

  • On the first screen, hit next
  • On the second screen, click the Connect to the internet radio button and hit next
  • On the third screen, click set up my connection manually and hit next
  • I'm assuming you have a broadband connection with a username and password, so select connect using a broadband connection that requires a username and password then hit next
  • Name your connection whatever you want and hit next
  • Enter your account details and click next
  • Finish

A familiar screen should pop up:

alt text

now these details should already be configured, clicking connect should work.


Contact your Service Provider. Part of their service will be to get you connected to the internet, after all they're want your money so they need to get you online.

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