I have a PowerPoint presentation made by someone else with multiple slides having the text protrude outside of the slide boundaries, so that when I export to PDF the relevant text (or specifically bullet points) are sliced out.

How can I perform a mass resize on all slides such that all text fits on the slides, OR how can I export to PDF whilst being able to view all text?

Thanks in advance


Resizing the slides is simple but won't help. When you resize slides, PPT resizes everything ON the slides as well, so whatever was off the slide STAYS off the slide.

I thought of a couple of ways of printing to PDF and preserving the text; alas, none of them worked. It's PPT, not the printer driver that chops off any text that exceeds the boundaries of the slide.

I suspect you'll need to adjust any off-slide text manually unless you're clever with VBA or some other programming language and can write code to do the adjustment for you.

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