I know about u and Ctrl-r for undo and redo. But u takes me back to the last saved state. I want to know how to undo a paste cmd-v.

For example,

I am typing here bla bla bla, [link to website](here I paste a wrong http link 
with cmd-v)

Then I want to go back to,

I am typing here bla bla bla, [link to website](

Is there any way I can do it in vim?

Thanks in advance.


Disclaimer: I'm wholly ignorant of how Apple keyboards with cmd rather than ctrl interact with vim, so you may need to change or fine-tune some of this.

The correct way to paste in vim is to use the p command. To paste from the system clipboard, you would use "*p. So, the standard way of doing things would be to leave insert mode and "*pa (the a, of course, re-enters insert mode).

If you want to have a keyboard shortcut to use within insert mode, it would seem natural to do something like:

inoremap <c-v> <esc>"*pa

(That is: actually type what is there rather than pressing ctrl+v and escape).

At first glance it would seem like this should provide the behaviour you want -- it's just automating the standard pasting process I described above. But it does not. Vim treats all parts of a command as part of the same undo block, and to vim insert mode itself is a sort of command.

However, you can manually start a new undo block while in insert mode by using ctrl+g followed by u (yes, I know, this key chording seems fairly un-vim-like, but there you go). So, you can amend the key remapping like so:

inoremap <c-v> <c-g>u<esc>"*pa

All of this will work with ctrl+v (I've just tested it on Windows and it works there, at least), you may need to use something different (other than <c-v>) for cmd-based shortcuts within vim. If you're using an Apple keyboard, that implies OSX -- if cmd+v is a system shortcut, I'm not sure what would take priority. Some superficial googling suggests you may need to fiddle with some OS-level configuration to get cmd working properly with vim.


In MacVim, you need to unmap the Edit > Paste menu item in order to override the shortcut, then you can remap Cmd-V (D-v in MacVim parlance) to the appropriate command in each mode. I added this to my ~/.gvimrc and now everything works wonderfully:

macmenu Edit.Paste key=<nop>
noremap <D-v> "*P
cnoremap <D-v> <C-r><C-o>*
inoremap <D-v> <C-g>u<C-r><C-o>*

The <C-g>u is necessary only in insert mode to fix the undo history; the noremap and cnoremap are simply to restore the default paste behavior in the normal and command modes.

Thanks to evilsoup for pointing me in the right direction here.

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