I am trying to use mysqldump on my wamp server mysql console however, it doesn't seem to have mysqldump included. I found the mysqldump.exe file in this location:


How do I use it in the MySqlConsole?

I was trying to do a mysqldump to copy a database into a new database. When I flagged for help, it turns out the mysql didn't have support for mysqldump but I found the executable in the hopes of getting mysqldump support on mysql which is the link above.

I'm really new to mysql so there might be potential something I really didn't understand

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First of all, set (include) the path of mysqldump.exe into the PATH environment variable like this:

set PATH=%PATH%;\Path\to\mysqldump.exe

Second, You need NOT to run mysqldump command from mysqlconsole, it should be run from the normal command prompt, once the PATH is set (as mentioned above).

For example, you may use below URL to create and restore mysql backups:

Backup and Restore MySQL Database Using mysqldump

Third, the path you mentioned above shows the path from a Linux/Unix machine (having forward slashes). In case you're using mysql in linux, I'd suggest you to use the native (Linux) installation (in place of using layered Cygwin etc.)

  • That was it. Also, I was using it on windows hence the cygwin. Thanks for the response. Dec 23, 2013 at 7:44

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