Here's my setup:

  • Widows XP x64
  • VirtualBox 3.0.10
  • Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

Installation of VirtualBox works, and so does installation of Karmic onto a new virtual machine. When I try to boot into the VM, however, my host system crashes blue screen style.

  • Windows XP x64 + VirtualBox 2.2.4 + Ubuntu 9.04 works.
  • Windows XP x64 + VirtualBox 2.2.4 + Ubuntu 9.10 works, but the Guest Additions fail to install.

Does anybody have any experience with this problem?


This most likely is to do with Virtual Box itself and not related directly to running Ubuntu.

First thing to try is BlueScreenView which should be able to diagnose previous blue screens and tell you what the problem is.

If it is driver related, you would want to take a look for updates and if you cannot find one, try disabling in Virtualbox the device that will tie in with that driver if possible (For example, in a previous version, I discovered a bug with the Network card - whilst annoying, disabling the NIC stopped blue screens).

If it is unknown, you may want to do some general diagnosing starting with a Memory checker.

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  • Thanks. I used the BlueScreenView app, and there was some evidence it was audio related. I disabled audio in the VM, and everything works now. I now have Ubuntu 9.10 installed in VirtualBox 3.0.10 with Guest Additions on a Windows XP x64 host. – bsstokes Nov 12 '09 at 15:13

I had the same problem with the following settings:

  • Host: Windows XP pro 64 bit, SP2
  • Guest: Ubuntu 9.10
  • Virtual Box 3.0.12

Disabling audio worked for me too.

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  • I was hoping 3.0.12 would fix it, but I see that it won't. Thanks for saving me the frustration! ;) – bsstokes Nov 19 '09 at 17:56

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