Some websites autofocus on input fields as you open a page. That makes some Vimium functions difficult to use because you have to quit the input field first.

Is it possible to disable autofocus at all from Vimium or another third-party Chrome extension?


There's an option called "Don't let pages steal the focus on load" in the advanced options that should do this.

source: https://github.com/philc/vimium/issues/1904


You can disable javascript autofocus in Chrome using extension TamperMonkey. (Firefox's GreaseMonkey for Chrome)

Once you've installed it in chrome, you can download this user script:

It works fine with Vimium and lets you use mail.google.com with vimium extension.

Okay, it does not work 100% of the time, but it sure helps.

Other scripts (if it doesn't work for a specific website):

  • Unfocuser extension from the same website

  • ComFreek's script: add it to the extension manually


At the moment it is not possible to disable 'autofocus' with Google Chrome. I could see it being an annoyance, but it's going to have to remain that way for now.

Maybe you could be the one to build the extension :)


I just press Esc and then the input looses the focus, immediately after that I can use Vimium shortcuts.

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