I have an Asus S400CA with Win8. When I'm home I access it with VNC.

I'm trying to config its power settings so that, when it's plugged on AC, when I lid close it, only monitor is turned off and everything else remains on.

If I managed to config it that way, I can use it remotelly without wasting energy in its LCD.

But I can't find a way to do it. In Power Options Advanced Settings, the option Power buttons and lid > Lid close action allows me to choose only Sleep, Hibernate or Shut down. There's no option related to monitor.

Can somebody point me a way, maybe in Registry or third party software, to accomplish it?


You should set it to "Do Nothing" all laptops should automatically turn the screen off, when lid is closed.


Sorry for the dumb question... It was just a matter of lidding it and monitor shuts down automatically. I was looking at Windows settings before acutally testing it.

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