After the -vismv command I have seen a number of different values given. I can't find any explanation of what the number does and from changing it – can't see any difference!

Also, I am working with the -debug vis_mb_type command and can visualise the block types. Red being new, but what do the green and uncoloured represent? I also saw purple in some files when on an I-frame!

Example command on an MP4 file:

ffmpeg -debug vis_mb_type -vismv 1 -i inputfile.mp4 -vcodec mjpeg -q:v 0 output.avi

Edit: Doing a bit more digging on this.... I believe that the Green blocks are predicted but not moved and then the monochrome uncoloured blocks are unchanged from the I frame. Still can't figure out the red/purple though!

  • See the update of my answer. – slhck Dec 28 '13 at 10:24
  • Nice one! That will help... I will do a bit more research now on the various conditions. – Spreadys Dec 29 '13 at 15:29

vismv options

There are no numbers to be passed to -vismv as arguments. Only these are supported:

  • pf – forward predicted MVs of P-frames
  • bf – forward predicted MVs of B-frames
  • bb – backward predicted MVs of B-frames

I assume that if you use integers these are mapped to 1, 2 and 3, respectively.


I looked through the code and found the matching part in mpegvideo.c, starting from line 2029. It converts COLOR(theta, r) values into U and V values from a YUV color space using the following function:

#define COLOR(theta, r) \
    u = (int)(128 + r * cos(theta * 3.141592 / 180)); \
    v = (int)(128 + r * sin(theta * 3.141592 / 180));

Here are the color values per macroblock type, including their UV values and the matching RGB color at Y = 128.

  • COLOR(120, 48), UV(104, 169.57), RGB(184, 107, 86)
    Condition: IS_PCM (== MB_TYPE_INTRA_PCM)

  • COLOR(30, 48), UV(169.57, 152), RGB(160, 97, 200)
    Condition: IS_INTRA && IS_ACPRED) || IS_INTRA16x16

  • COLOR(90, 48), UV(128, 176), RGB(193, 94, 128)
    Condition: IS_INTRA4x4

  • COLOR(150, 48), UV(86.43, 152), RGB(160, 125, 55)
    Condition: IS_DIRECT

  • COLOR(170, 48), UV(80.73, 136.34), RGB(139, 138, 46)
    Condition: IS_GMC && IS_SKIP

  • COLOR(190, 48), UV(80.73, 119.66), RGB(116, 149, 46)
    Condition: IS_GMC

  • COLOR(240, 48), UV(104, 86.43), RGB(71, 165, 86)
    Condition: !USES_LIST(mb_type, 1))

  • COLOR(0, 48), UV(176, 128), RGB(128, 111, 211)
    Condition: !USES_LIST(mb_type, 0))

  • COLOR(300,48), UV(152, 86.43), RGB(71, 148, 169)
    Condition: USES_LIST(mb_type, 0) && USES_LIST(mb_type, 1)) – this is an assert so it may or may not abort program execution when the assertion fails.

I haven't tested this, but it seems about right to me. Information about the debugging switches and macroblock colors are also explained on the FFmpeg wiki.

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