I've configured TOR with privoxy I think in a right way, I mean I've done the following things:

If I enter in tor address bar config.privoxy.org I get that it's enabled.

In manual configuration of the proxy I've set:

HTTP Proxy: Port:8118

SOCKS Server: Port9150


Don't use proxy for


I've also uncommented the socks5-server line en privoxy config file.

If I open an https web page, it works correctly, but a http one gives the error:

Privoxy was unable to socks5-forward your request [URL] through socks5 server unreachable

Hope you can guide me about what I can be missing.


Did you change the port No. to 9150 In line 1314, of Privoxy config.file ? It should look like this: forward-socks5 / . And in the 'Don't use proxy for' field in your browser, leave it blank.

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