I want to create a button on a form in Access 2010 that, when clicked, prints the current record/view of a form. I have tried various VBA scripts. Some print all records, others print partial parts of the form, but not the whole form.

If I hit Ctrl-P, then select "Selected Records", then click OK, it prints the current record/view of the form just fine.

What code can I put in the On Click event prodecure to do the same thing as Ctrl-P, "Selected Records", and "OK" without the user having to do all that?


I found the answer. I saved the form as a report, then I created a button on the form that has this for its code:

Dim strReportname As String
Dim strCriteria As String

strReportname = "ReportfrmClients"
strCriteria = "[ClientID] = " & Me!ClientID

DoCmd.OpenReport strReportname, acNormal, , strCriteria

That sends the report directly to the print queue without opening it. And it only sends one ClientID to the report, so the report only prints the one record.

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