I've got a non-technical friend whose backup strategy is 'cross fingers and hope'. I've decided this is unacceptable (because I'll be the one called when hope stops working), so I installed Crashplan on her laptop. I want her to be able to back up to my machine, which is unfortunately two states away. I didn't copy my friend code before departing.

I have access to the Crashplan web interface. Is there a way to either discover my friend code from the web interface or add my computer as a backup destination without one?

  • You could easily "fix" this with the help of Teamviewer or similar remote-control software once you get back. Teamviewer is very user-friendly and you could easily get your non-technical friend to start it up with you on the phone or even by email instructions. – MattBianco Mar 27 '14 at 12:20

If you have SSH access into the remote machine, you can configure using a headless client setup. Just forward the CrashPlan port by putting something like this into your ~/.ssh/config file:

Host remotebox
  # Expose CrashPlan on local port 4200

This will bring the CrashPlan default port of 4243 to your local port 4200, and you can then edit your ui.properties file to point to port 4200, and bam you're connected to CrashPlan daemon running on remotebox

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