I use two-finger swipes to both scroll up/down and go forward/back in history when using Google Chrome on OS X Mavericks. I find that frequently, when I try to scroll up/down, it actually gets interpreted as a left/right swipe; this is because I sometimes swipe somewhat diagonally. I want to basically shift the balance so that swipes at a wider range of angles are interpreted as scrolling, as opposed to history motion. How can I do this?

  • I just upgraded from Snow Leopard; it really feels like the sensitivity to direction has increased a lot. Would love to see a solution to this. – Mike Feb 6 '14 at 16:30

I had the same problem on OSX Mavericks and Chrome. Disable the trackpad gesture "Swipe between pages" helped a lot.

You can find it under System Preferences -> Trackapad -> More Gestures.

It didn't fix it completely but it is much much better now.

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