My old laptop I could press f1 f2 etc no issue and to use extra features there was a function button to press with f1 for example to do something like volume control

My new laptop works the other way round, if I want to use f2 for example I have to press it with function otherwise it does the volume control etc

How can I switch this round to work like a normal keypad and the function button to work for extras

I have a hp pavilion


This is something that has to be done in the BIOS, which you can access right before your computer starts booting. You should look for a setting called "Action Keys Mode".

For more information and how to access the BIOS, see the following support page.

If F10 does not work for opening the BIOS screen (and the laptop continues booting), try either ESC, or other F-keys.


For future reference,

on newer keyboards (e.g. laptops)

the fn key is not the only key that overrides the BIOS setting.

Assuming action keys are the default for function keys, some modifier keys will also override the default.

For example:

Alt+F4 will close the main window
Ctrl+F4 will close the subwindow/tab
Win+F1 will open global help (special case - F1 action key usually has the same function)

Essentially, OS keyboard shortcuts will override action keys.

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