I have a problem that I am trying to get around.

I have fitted a signal boosting antenna to the roof of my RV, which is connected to a 3G/4G router in order to have wireless internet and networking within the RV without the need for seperate dongles for each device when away from wifi enabled zones.

This system works a treat, however when I am on a park which offers free wifi sometimes it is difficult to pick up due to the distance from the wifi transmitter.

Since I already have a signal boosting Antenna I would like this also to be able to pick up the weak wifi, boost it and allow me to connect to it but dont want to fit yet another antenna.

Is it possible for my router to also pick up the wifi from the RV park or is there another device I can plug into the router that would allow it to do so using the same antenna?

The Router model is D-Link DWR-921

I hope this makes sense.

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