Is there any way to select multiple lines in Vim?

For example I want to select line number 1,4,7,8 etc?

I know that I can use V or v to select lines but they select the continuous lines.

For example when I want to add comments # or // etc in different lines. I remember that Sublime-text 2 can do it, so I am wondering if Vim can do it too.

Thanks in advance.

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The multiselect - Create multiple selections and operate on them plugin allows just that. It's great for those cases where a selection via :global would be impossible or too cumbersome.


Not possible. However, depending on what you are actually trying to accomplish, try the below things.

If you're trying to highlight multiple lines so they stand out, see :he matchadd()

If you're trying to run a command on multiple lines,

see :he :g 
and :he :v 

For any of these, the "match on this line" regex items may be of use, :he /\%l

  • And if you're trying to copy non-sequential lines, use a lower-case register ("a for example) for the first line and the uppercase of the register for the rest ("A). See :help quote_alpha
    – Heptite
    Jan 4, 2014 at 18:56

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