I want to use IntelliJ IDEA for its support of numerous languages other than Java (I can't imagine that I'll ever be doing Java at my current job -- and if I had to, I would just backup settings).

I would like it to be more snappy at the expense of its Java features. Are there any plugins or other facilities I can safely deactivate, gaining performance?

The things I will have to do are

  • HTML, SASS/CSS and JS for the browser
  • JavaScript with node.js
  • Python
  • Erlang
  • C and C++, when they become available (Makefiles, too)

There's plugins for all of these.

Share your tunings with me!

Just that it's clear: I know that you need Java to run IntelliJ, as it is a Java program. I also know that I can set options in vmoptions. I am more concerned with the Java editing facilities I will probably never use.


Well, you can just un-tick all plugins but the ones you aren't gonna need. Go to settings, type "plugins" and deselect all, than just pick those you're gonna use.

If you don't need Java, I think it's safe to un-tick:

  • UI Designer (for swing)
  • GWT Support
  • Vaadin (a GWT framework)
  • Anything that starts with Java EE
  • JavaFX
  • JSP
  • Android Designer
  • Android Support
  • AspectJ Support (if you have it installed)
  • Cucumber For Java
  • Cucumber For Groovy
  • Groovy
  • I18N For Java J2ME
  • JSR45 Integration
  • JUnit
  • Maven Integration
  • Maven Integration Extension
  • Persistence Frameworks Support (used by JPA)
  • Any of the Struts versions
  • Anything that starts with Spring
  • TestNG-J
  • Velocity Support

There may be more if you installed additional plugins, but that should cover the basics.

This refers to 13.* versions.

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  • if you can complete the list that's just good for java and useless for everything else, I will accept. How's that sound? Also, are there other tuning possibilities? – CONTRACT SAYS IM RIGHT Apr 10 '14 at 14:47

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