I'm looking for a very very fast method to insert a timestamp into a Word document. I always know the shortcuts ShiftAltD and ShiftAltT, but doing so inserts a field, that is always automatically updated. And because I need a real timestamp, I consequently have to use CtrlF9 to get a fixed date-time string:

To sum up:

  • ShiftAltD
  • ShiftAltT
  • Mark both fields
  • CtrlF9

And that is not a shortcut, that's expensive overhead! So I'm always faster when I write all by 10-fingers touch-typing.

I search for a real one-hand keyboard shortcut for inserting a fixed date-time.


Record a macro for these actions and assign it to a single keyboard shortcut. This is the exact usecase macros are made for.

  • I finally came up to the same solution because I didn't find anything else than a macro based shortcut. – shylynx Jan 8 '14 at 7:58

You've probably found your solution by now but for those of you still looking, Word still has the old date time formats box. In the ribbon its on the Insert tab | Text group. It's the icon that looks like a calendar with a clock in the lower right-hand corner. From the box, you can select your preferred format, make it the default and insert an icon on the QAT. That makes it a 2 click function or you can create a keyboard macro from the 2 click function for faster results.

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