Cannot map network drives using 'net use' while elevated as an administrator is the previous question, and this is somewhat of a follow-up.

So here's what I've done over the last few months:

  1. Mapped two network drives as normal user (username Joey, only user on JOEY-LAPTOP, my laptop)
  2. Get "Access Denied" error whenever I try to write to files on the network drive - can read and execute just fine but cannot save files to it etc.
  3. Unmapped network drives, ran Windows Explorer as administrator and remapped them - this fixed nothing
  4. Tried using net use, that failed, so I asked this question and received the answer
  5. Mapped network drives using net use as administrator, then used takeown to transfer ownership to user Joey on system JOEY-LAPTOP (JOEY-LAPTOP\Joey)
  6. Still get access denied error

I'm not trying to do anything across different computers - I'm only using my laptop. I'm pretty sure this has been happening since I wiped my laptop and reinstalled my OS.

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    Ensure your user names/passwords match (or are correctly supplied) for user "Joey" on both machines (if not on a domain). Check the settings for both the Share itself and the folder being shared, as well as the files with-in. Jan 5, 2014 at 20:05

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Figured out the answer:

I went to my Users directory (the top level share) and went to Properties > Advanced Sharing > Permissions. I added permissions for my user (JOEY-LAPTOP\Joey) for full control, and I guess that fixed it.

Thanks @techie007 for the comment.

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