I am using 7-zip to split a large folder (>200 GB) into chunks of 4.7GB so that I can burn them onto a DVD. But for now, I am storing these chunks in an external hard disk which has ~300GB of space. There is also >200 GB in the the drive where the folder currently reside.

But when I ran the operation, it gives a "Not enough space on disk error", and even when I deal only with a subfolder (>40 GB) this still occurs.

How do I fix this?


This is because your 'chunks' are bigger than 4GB. Hard drives formatted to FAT32 can only hold files with a maximum individual file size of no more than 4GB (or abouts).

You should clear your hard disk and reformat it to NTFS, where the maximum filesize is in the region of Exabytes (way more than any hard drives available today. This should be able to stop the "Not enough space on disk error"

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    It is not necessary to clear the disk – Windows has a convert /fs:ntfs command for direct conversion. – grawity Jan 6 '14 at 19:26
  • Didn't know that! That's probably a better way. For n00bs like me, this article talks through everything step-by-step. tweakandtrick.com/2012/02/… – dayuloli Jan 6 '14 at 19:32

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