I'm sure I have given all the rights to my account and I'm the Project & Build Administrator for my project.

All our work machines have recently been formatted, and VS2012 has been installed afresh. We did the mapping to our respective work-spaces. Everything works fine, except for one developer who did not check-in before his machine was formatted, so that file has remained checked-out and locked in his workspace. Even administrators are not allowed to unlock that file.

In Visual-Studio 2012 & Team Foundation Server 2012: Source Control Explorer>File>Advances>unlock option is disabled. See Image below : enter image description here

Please help. I have tried many commands from the Visual Studio command prompt which didn't seem to work.

Here are some commands that I've tried:

tf lock /lock:none /workspace:uto27; uto\pavitar  $/socialmediaweb

tf lock /lock:none /server: /workspace:uto27;uto\pavitar $/SocialMedia/SocialMediaWeb/SocialMediaWeb/ChatterAdvanced2.aspx.cs /recursive

tf undo /server: /workspace:uto27;uto\pavitar $/SocialMedia/SocialMediaWeb/SocialMediaWeb/ChatterAdvanced2.aspx.cs /recursive
  • Any findings? I'm stumped with this as well – JNF Nov 5 '15 at 8:01
  • refer to one of my other SO question : stackoverflow.com/questions/21545424/… . Though this may not directly solve the problem, but will give you a direction – Pavitar Nov 20 '15 at 14:05

try this in Visual studio command prompt i hope it will work...

     C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0>tf undo
     {tfsfilepath} /Workspace:{tfsusername}

     Undo your changes to {Filepath} (Yes/No) yes

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