After a shutdown, my (Samsung)Windows 7 Home Premium laptop would not reboot completely, only getting to the blue screen with Windows 7 Home Premium at the bottom. The login icons would not appear so I could not get into windows (ie no msconfig, control panel, nada, really nada!).

I have lots of cr@p on it (apache, mysql, php, drupal, git, bash, putty, blah blah), so much that I really really didn't want to rebuild it. Everything's backed up but it was the reinstalling everything I squirmed at.

I tried EVERYTHING 'normal' to recover: - boot in safe mode (it wouldn't, it hung before getting there) - go back to previous restore points (it wouldn't and eventually there weren't any - I probably deleted them in my various attempots) - use auto repair (didn't work, it didn't see anything wrong!) - tried to use a backup copy of the registry (no change) - Hiren, etc etc.

Googling told me this is quite common and I couldn't find a reliable solution, certainly nothing that worked for me. So I was left with a laptop that seemed to get almost to starting, but didn't quite make it. It was utterly useless.

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So I was left with a PC that was all but useless. Fearing that I would have to rebuild the laptop, I tried something a bit more radical.

(Remember that if you hit F8 when rebooting you get several options including a repair option. That eventually fires up a very very basic windows environment that includes a command prompt option. I used that to copy files.)

I have another laptop (with Windows 7 Enterprise) so I copied all the files from windows\system32 (NOT the sub-folders) to my dead laptop and... it worked. I don't know if I was lucky but I didn't complain! ***** THIS IS THE KEY STEP ******

The laptop then rebooted properly and I was able to login normally! From here I could use it normally.

I then used the tip from here: to reinstall windows "properly". It took several hours but I now seem to have my laptop back with everything still there! Happy days!

(I'll be taking even more care now with backups!)

  • As others noted, links go dead. For me, this link describes the problem, and says one must answers a question to unlock the solution. I answered, and it said that I needed to become a member of the site, but offered no way to do thst. So without explaining the solution here, the answer would be useless. – Steve Apr 14 '16 at 9:09
  • Apologies. Looking at the link it looks like windowssecrets has changed since I used it and now that content is premium. I hope if you google around you'll find an alternative link that will help you. I'm afraid it was so long ago that I can't remember what that link contained. Good luck. – PedroKTFC Apr 15 '16 at 7:30
  • Unfortunately, this solution didn't work for me. Even a full Windows 7 reinstall and about two days of running Windows Update only got me back to limping functionality. I was only able to get the machine working again by updating to Windows 10. – Steve Apr 23 '16 at 23:14

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