I think you all know that: you're getting a zip file and you don't know whether it contains all files in a folder or only the files. In order to not get a messed up directory, I never use "Extract here" but always use "Extract to <Foldername>" (using 7Zip).

Unfortunately, if the Zip file has a folder, there are always two folders, so I need to move the files up one directory level.

Is there a way to always extract into a folder but avoid duplicate folders like \ZipFileName\FolderInZip\?


I'm looking for context menu operations of ZIP files, not opening the ZIP file first. Speed is everything :-)


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What you need is exactly Bandizip by Bandisoft.

In Bandizip's settings, select the Context Menu heading. Then, under Extraction Menu, enable Extract Automatically.

If you like, you can even enable the Extract Automatically functionality as the default double-click action by selecting Extract Automatically in the Double-click Action section of that same settings page.

When you use Bandizip's Extract Automatically functionality, it will create a subfolder only when one is needed. If the zip file only contains a single file or subfolder, it will not create a subfolder. If the zip file contains a bunch of files, it will automatically create a new subfolder for you.


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Image source: bandisoft.com


When you open a zip archive in 7-Zip, the GUI will have a column called Folders. If all items contain a value in the Folders column, you don't have to unzip to a new separate folder.

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    That's true, but requires even more clicks to first open the archive, click Extract, select the destination folder, press Ok and close 7Zip. Maybe I should mention that I extract via context menu only. Jan 10, 2014 at 7:10

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