To save space on my local OS X harddrive, I've unselected several folders in the Selective Sync setting of Dropbox. Now, in Finder on my local machine, those folders have a minus sign next to them, but the files in them are still present. Can I safely delete the local copies of the files i.e. Dropbox will maintain copies of those files in the cloud accessible at Dropbox.com?

I ask because the Selective Sync feature says the local files will be removed from my local drive, but they are still there. Seems like I need to remove them manually.


Is the minus symbol gray? If yes, it seems to be a Selective Sync conflict.

For some reason your folder was not deleted when excluding it from Selective Sync and now Dropbox reminds you that there is a folder with the same name in your Dropbox. This folder is not synced with your local files.

It should be save to just delete it, but if you want to be sure do the following:

  1. Select the folder in the Selective Sync preferences.
  2. You should now have the folder foldername with the contents that are also in the Dropbox and a folder foldername (Selective Sync Conflict) with the local files that have previously been in your local (unsynced) foldername folder. Check it.
  3. Unselect both folders in the Selective Sync preferences.
  4. Both folders should be gone. Check it.

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