The Apple devices on my LAN can be reached by xxxx.local. What feature or protocol provides this service? Is this bonjour?

Can the domain-name service on my modem/router (Actiontec C1000A) be configured to manage the name's of the devices (e.g. printer) that don't have this feature?

** edit **

Hoping to have these devices broadcast a .local name:

  • brother printer --> printer.local
  • actiontec modem/router --> router.local
  • ipad
  • two android telephones

It is a function of Bonjour. You can get Windows PCs to resolve .local names by either installing Itunes (ick) or by installing the Bounjour Print Service. Most *nix devices can be persuaded to broadcast .local mDNS names using Avahi. Though Avahi can be a right pain to get working.

You may be able to enable either Zero-Conf, mDNS, or DNS-SD in the printer settings which may allow them to populate as with .local addresses.

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