I have always wished that Notepad++ had a keyboard shortcut for closing the Find Results pane / window that appears when I do one of the following:

  • Find All in All Opened Documents
  • Find All in Current Document
  • Find All (in multiple files)

There isn't one built in, as discussed in this question, as well as this one and this one; F7 opens the pane or window, but doesn't close it. The second question link above suggests that Esc will close the pane or window, but this doesn't work for me, at least in Notepad++ >= 6.

Is there a way to create a hotkey or keyboard shortcut to close the "Find Results" pane / window?

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There is, using AutoHotKey. The following script will convert F7 from an open-only shortcut to a toggle; it opens it if it isn't already open, and closes it if it is.

Here is the script:

; Ed Cottrell's AutoHotKey script for toggling the "Find Results" pane/window in Notepad++
; Released under the MIT License (http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT)
; Version: 1.1
; Release Date: January 15, 2014
; Released on Superuser.com: http://superuser.com/questions/700357/create-a-hotkey-keyboard-shortcut-to-close-the-notepad-find-results-window
; Also released at www.edcottrell.com/2014/01/11/toggle-find-results-window-notepad-hotkey/

; Turn F7 into a toggle for the Notepad++ search results window; currently it shows it, but doesn't hide it.
; The $ prevents this from firing itself
Open := 0
SetTitleMatchMode 2  ; AHK doesn't seem to recognize the window title otherwise
; See if Notepad++ is the active window or if the undocked results window (ahk_class #32770) is the active window
If WinActive("Notepad++")
    ; If the results pane is open, close it
    ; Button1 is the class name for the title bar and close button of the results pane when docked
    ControlGet, OutputVar, Visible,, Button1, Notepad++
    if ErrorLevel = 0
        If OutputVar > 0
            ; Found it docked
            Open := 1
            ; Get the size and coordinates of the title bar and button
            ControlGetPos, X, Y, Width, Height, Button1
            ; Set the coordinates of the close button
            X := Width - 9
            Y := 5
            ; Send a click
            ControlClick, Button1,,,,, NA x%X% y%Y%
; If it is undocked, use ahk_class #32770
else If WinExist("Find result ahk_class #32770")
    ; Found it undocked
    Open := 1
    ; Close it
; It's not open, so open it
if Open = 0
    SendInput {F7}

I hope this helps everyone else out there who loves Notepad++!

Edited to fix error in detection of undocked window.

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