I am trying to run a Python script with NppExec. It runs fine (the console is updated with whatever I print to stdout in the script) but the window the script creates (through PyQt) never shows up. If I execute the same script in a standard shell (cmd.exe), the window shows up just fine. Actually, the splash screen of the application I want to launch (vitables) shows up under NppExec but not the main window.

Update: Strangely, I noticed it works fine on some machines (but not on others). Both the machines where it works and those where it does not use the same OS (Windows 7 SP1), the same Notepad++ version (5.8.6) and NppExec version (0.4.1). I have tried updating to the latest versions (npp 6.5.3 and nppExec 0.5) but it does not fix the problem.


I have found a work-around in Eric's comment in the following question (Stop NppExec from trapping console output until program finishes), but is there a better way?

For reference, I had the additional problem that both the program to run and its argument need to be quoted (their path contain spaces), so I had to use an extra pair of quotes:

cmd /c ""c:\my path to python with spaces\python" -u "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)""

Update: the same workaround is found in the following post:


In fact, that post is even copied verbatim in section 4.6.4. "Run Python scripts with wxPython" of NppExec manual. Sadly that manual is very poorly referenced by Google, hence my question here.

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