I'm on a corporate computer that is behind a very restrictive firewall, and trying to connect to my home computer. I configured my router to forward port 80 to 3389 (RDP port). My idea was to try to connect with port 80 since the regular RDP port might be blocked. However I found out that it's not working. RDP on port 80 is blocked as well.

My router's IP address is not blocked, since I can access the config interface on <router IP address>:8080 . Remote Desktop itself also works for connections to hosts within the internal domain.

I was wondering how are they blocking that kind of traffic (RDP on port 80 towards external IPs)? What kind of firewall rule is used?


It is likely they are using either a proxy server directly in the browser settings, or they are using a transparent proxy in the path.

A proxy server will check that valid HTTP traffic is passing through and discard anything that isn't (if only because it doesn't know how to process non-http traffic).

In either case, your work PC does not have direct access to the internet, it just appears to.

  • Yea they have a browser proxy for HTTP, and they block pretty much everything else. I guess this explains it, thanks. – mihai Jan 16 '14 at 13:03

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