I have a large MS Word document with a high number of review comments (track changes feature). I'd now like to get a list of authors and the number of review comments. The number of authors is not too long, so if I can get the information for one author at a time, that's fine.

I'm using Word 2013. If it's possible to find out in OpenOffice / LibreOffice or any other tool, that's also fine.


I think I managed to get accurate results like this:

  1. Go to the Review ribbon
  2. In the Tracking section, open the dropdown Show markup
  3. Deselect everything except comments
  4. Open dropdown Show markup again
  5. Under Specific people, mark only one person
  6. Click on Reviewing Pane

In the reviewing pane, it now shows xx Revisions. As far as I could see, these are all comments now, so we have the number of comments for one author.

From now on it is much easier to do the same for other authors, because you just need to change the person under Specific people.

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