USB 2.0 full speed - 12 Mbps

USB 2.0 high speed - 480 Mbps

But what are the rates for PS/2?

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Port / Device           Typical Data Transfer Rate

Super I/O

PS/2 (keyboard / mouse) 2 KB/s
Serial Port             25 KB/s
Floppy Disk             125 KB/s
Parallel Port           200 KB/s


Integrated Audio        1 MB/s
Integrated LAN          12 MB/s
USB                     60 MB/s
Integrated Video        133 MB/s
IDE (HDD, DVD)          133 MB/s
SATA (HDD, DVD)         300 MB/s

I found here. Maybe obsolete but can use as a reference point.

  • That cant be right I think. 2 kb/s vs 60 mb/s, it seems wrong. Are keyboards affected by those low PS/2 rates?
    – evil
    Jan 20, 2014 at 12:36

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