what am trying to do is to input the command sudo in a file with echo or something similar but not in the first line but in another line after a text
ie. I have this text

line[4]command=sh -c "service apache2 start"
and I want the sudo to be after "command=" how to do this with echo or anything else?

sed -i 's/command=/&sudo /' file

explanation: examining the file line-by-line, replace the text "command=" with "command=sudo ". The & in the replacement string will be whatever is matched from the left-hand side.


Just for completeness, note that one usually has several scriptable text editors available on a Unix or a Linux system, in addition to the stream editor sed. There's ex, for example:

ex file << END
%s/^command=/&sudo /

Or even ed (This is the GNU flavour.):

ed file << END
1,$s/^command=/&sudo /

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