I am setting up a proxy in apache through the directive ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse for some urls:

ProxyPass /mypath http://myotherserver.com
ProxyPassReverse /mypath http://myotherserver.com

However, myotherserver.com require a (basic) authentication. If I don't do anything, this authentication is passed to the final client. For some reason, I don't want that and I would like to add the credentials directly in my apache configuration. How can I do that ? I tried:

ProxyPass /mypath http://user:[email protected]
ProxyPassReverse /mypath http://user:[email protected]

But it does not seems to work. Thanks in advance for your help.

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I have actually found the solution. I hope it can be useful for other people:

Run the following python script to get your authentification hash:

import base64
hash = base64.b64encode(b'user:password')

Add the following directive in your apache configuration:

<Location /mypath>
RequestHeader set Authorization "Basic $hash"

where $hash is replaced with the previously computed string.

Make sure that mod_proxy and mod_headers are available (a2enmod proxy and a2enmod headers). Restart apache2 and you are done :)


Thanks @ThR37 - this is more of a comment for your answer, but can't format it there. :/

I needed to do it with mod_rewrite, but your method was used:

  RewriteEngine On
  SSLProxyEngine on

  RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/34506a81-1a6d-4596-beaf-580da9c98cca$
  SetEnvIf REQUEST_URI "/34506a81-1a6d-4596-beaf-580da9c98cca" DOAUTH
  RequestHeader set Authorization "Basic dXNlcjpwYXNzd29yZA==" env=DOAUTH
  RewriteRule /34506a81-1a6d-4596-beaf-580da9c98cca https://www.example.com/my/path [P,L]
  ProxyPassReverse /34506a81-1a6d-4596-beaf-580da9c98cca https://www.example.com/my/path

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