One of the biggest annoyances when working in a Linux terminal is that copy/paste shortcuts consist of 3 keys: Ctrl+Shift+c

Especially in laptop keyboards with the Fn key on the lower left corner, this shortcut is especially challenging to press.

Is there any way to remap it to a 2-key shortcut? E.g. Win/Cmd+c?

Can this be done on desktop-environment level so that all applications will be able to use the same shortcut?


As far as I know, these shortcuts are specific to your terminal emulator and can be changed in your terminal's settings.

  • Using terminator. Right click => Preferences => Keybindings:

    enter image description here

  • Using gnome-terminal. Edit => Preferences => Shortcuts:

    enter image description here

    All non-terminal applications should already be using the 2-key shortcuts.

Personally, I never use these shortcuts. One of my favorite features of X is that selecting text anywhere using the mouse copies that text to X's clipboard. Once there, you can middle click anywhere (including a terminal) to paste the copied text. I find this simpler than selecting, copying and pasting using the keyboard since it can be done without moving mu hand from the mouse.

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